Retirement Shouldn't Be A Time Of Regret

As we age, we tend to look back and review the choices we’ve made and the path we’ve taken. So often, the years fly by as we get caught up in achieving the next thing, raising a family, or going after the promotion. Sometimes major life changes like divorce or the death of a parent can force us to re-evaluate, but we don’t always give ourselves a chance to fully heal or process because we get rushed along in the busyness of life.

You Deserve To Understand Yourself and Your Current Challenges Better:

Retirement isn't one single event – it's a series of changes that can feel like disruptions to your life if you aren't prepared. At Integrate Legacy Coaching, I bring 30 years of international experience in counselling, coaching, pastoring and teaching to our discussions. After working with people across North America and Africa, I’ve found some truths I want to share with you:
  • I believe that everyone has a unique story and few people have had the chance to tell it.
  • I believe that everyone has strengths and gifts they haven't discovered yet and I want to help you find them.
  • I believe that the healthiest and most fulfilling life we can have is one where we accept and integrate all the parts of ourselves into a whole.
Now based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I work one-on-one with high-achievers so they can transition into retirement with confidence and purpose. You deserve an opportunity to stop, reflect and understand how every moment in your life has led you to this point –and that your story isn't finished being written yet.
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"I will forever be thankful for the insights gained in my sessions with Rudy, which have propelled me forward in personal growth and awareness that has been critical to my mental health in the midst of transition. To be seen so clearly by another, and offered compelling strategies that I can really sink into as I continue on this journey, has been transformative. I am now able to clearly see my skills and areas of interest in a way that will provide foundational support as I move forward. This, combined with new awareness gained in how I react to the stress and try to protect myself, is allowing me to move into a healthier space in all areas of my life."

NGO Administrator

"Rudy has coached me for over 10 years, through many transitions, in both my professional and personal life.  His wide base of knowledge and experience helped me to see my situations from a different vantage point, ultimately guiding me to make healthy choices at pivotal points in my life.  His expertise guided me through the complex adjustments of married life from single hood, as well as thriving as a new father after the birth of my first child.  Rudy had a patient listening ear that helped me feel understood, but also asked great insightful questions that helped me come to terms with these transitional times and ultimately find my new normal.  It can be hard for me at times to admit I need coaching, but I'm so glad that I decided to open up!  Thanks again for all your help and guidance Rudy. "


"The coaching I received through Rudy help me to anticipate an upcoming major life transition as an opportunity rather than a loss. I know of very few persons who are better listeners than Rudy. He has a unique ability to take your past life experiences, its successes and failures and carefully reflect them back to you in a new light. He used the Birkman Method to enrich my marriage allow both partners to better understand themselves and each other. I would highly recommend coaching with Rudy for any who are facing significant life changes"

Medical Doctor

"I am a management consultant that travels throughout the USA helping companies be more efficient. Rudy is a transitional coach for me who is able to help me take a step back from my intense schedule and look at things  more holistically for myself. He has immensely helped improve my self-awareness to the extent that I am even able to borrow and apply a few of his thoughts to my own clients. I am late in life with my career and yet enjoying my work more than ever thanks to Rudy.”

Management Consultant

"Rudy helped me navigate through a transition in my life that turned out to be far more difficult than anticipated. I was amazed at Rudy's capacity to really connect with me in my confusion and bring a calm presence into my chaos. His ability to listen and ask great questions helped me regain clarity and confidence during a major turning point in my life. I am extremely grateful for Rudy's wisdom, insight and care, and would highly recommend him to anyone in, or entering, a life transition of any kind."


"(My wife and I) were in the midst of a transition that involved our marriage, our religious affiliation, and our personal vision. What impacted us most was your ability to listen without judgment or quick advice. You enabled us to bring out into the open our feelings, thoughts, intentions and desires in a way that we could not do alone. We felt like we were understood and possibilities that were deep within us were brought out in the open where we could discuss them together. Your resources, and your suggested process to guide us into the future led to some unexpected and welcomed outcomes… pathways that have brought a deepened sense of joy to our lives together. We have placed ourselves into a new adventure… The principles and processes you have learned have uniquely impacted our lives."


"I first benefited from Rudy's caring expertise - and wisdom -  when my father died.  In the years after that I have sought out his guidance during some other difficult - and sometimes confusing - transitions in employment, marriage and other matters.  In each case I was so impressed by his ability to support me without simply cheerleading, and in the diligent and unfailing affirmation he offered even while intentionally challenging some of my own strongly held beliefs.  He is a gifted professional, and a gift to those who interact with him on the challenges of life."

College Professor

"I am a 58 year old family physician in a small town.  Looking ahead to the end of my career has been a challenging transition. They don’t teach this in medical school and there aren’t many healthy role models. Rudy has been able to help me look at my true identity and live out of who I really am. He has also provided the conversation starters for my spouse and I as we prepare for the next phase of our lives. Rudy has the integrity, wisdom and honesty in counseling that comes out of the diversity of his own life journey."

Family Physician